Saturday, May 12, 2012

10 surprising sexual statistics

According to a Durex survey, men across the globe have had an average of 13 sexual partners throughout their lifetime, while women have had seven. Guys and girls often shy away from honesty when it comes to discussing their number; too low and they fear embarrassment, too high and they face being judged. But there’s never going to be a happy medium, as a Cosmopolitan survey found. According to the survey just 66 per cent of people are content with their ‘number’, while 22 per cent wish they’d slept with less people and 12 per cent would have liked to have slept with more.

The average male loses his virginity at age 16.9, while apparently females hold off, on average, until the ripe age of 17.4. After the age of consent (which depends on your country) there is no right or wrong age to lose your virginity given you are protected from STIs and are not pressured into it. Popping your cherry, deflowering, or whatever you want to call it, having sex for the first time is a significant part of anyone’s life and isn’t something that should be rushed into. After all, it can create one of life’s little miracles!

Expectations of sex are often unrealistic due to farfetched portrayals of the act on the big screen and TV. However, the reality of couples’ performances in the bedroom are often not so supreme. The truth is in fact quite different, especially for the ladies, with research suggesting that only 29 per cent of women reach ‘the big O’ every time they have sex, compared to a lucky 75 per cent of men (how is this fair, ladies?). This may be because, according to Durex, around 75 per cent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone and 10 to 15 per cent never climax under any circumstances. Some experimenting may be in order to find what works for you, so you can reach euphoria every time you slip under the sheets.

A Onepoll study showed that for 56 per cent of women, men’s facial hair is a strong trigger for sexual arousal. Apparently, a man with three days’ worth of stubble is more sexually attractive than a clean shaven man (sorry, you smoothies out there!). It makes sense, really – just think of Johnny Depp and George Clooney! According to Cosmopolitan, though, it is in fact a long, steamy kiss that gets 35.4 per cent of men aroused and in the mood for love. So throw away your razors, guys! And girls, smack on some lipstick and pucker up! You know what you need to do…

Busy lifestyles, manic workload, hectic social life; who has time for sex every day? On a more realistic note, a Durex survey showed that 67 per cent of adults have sex once a week and only eight per cent have it once a day or more. Not forgetting the nine per cent who said they only get hot and steamy with their partner less than every few months. So don’t set your sights too high and expect to be making love around the clock. The key is whatever works best for you –being honest with your lover will keep you both in check of each other’s sex schedules.

It’s not uncommon for guys or gals to forge an orgasm, either to prevent themselves or their partner from embarrassment or a feeling of inadequacy under the sheets. A Cosmopolitan survey showed that 30 per cent of women would fake it so as not to upset their partner, while 26 per cent said they would be frank if they couldn’t climax. Eight per cent of women even admitted to making it a regular habit! Fakers under the sheets may simply make all the right noises to get a poor sex sesh over with a.s.a.p., or some people use their ‘When Harry Met Sally’ impressions when they’re too tired for a love making session.

Being honest and open about your sexual needs and desires will help improve your overall sexual satisfaction by teaching your partner how to press all the right buttons and keep you blissful in the bedroom. However, only 58 per cent of people are comfortable with telling their lover exactly what they want in bed, which is probably why only 38 per cent are fully satisfied with their sex lives. Honesty is a healthy trait to have in any relationship, and even more so when it comes to sex. Share your needs and your partner may do the same.

According to a Durex survey self-pleasure is widely practiced, with 83 per cent of people across the globe stating they have self-pleasured at some point in their lives. A third of people DIY once a week –that’s 43 per cent of men and 22 per cent of women – making it a really common sexual activity. Masturbation, although sometimes seen as taboo, is in fact a healthy and normal part of an adult sex life and nothing to be embarrassed of. Getting in touch with your own body in this way may even improve your confidence when it comes to sex with a partner.

On average, sex sessions last between three and 13 minutes. But according to a survey by Cosmopolitan 50.4 per cent of men would want it to last for 30 minutes while 25.5 per cent would want sex for 15 minutes. A Durex survey also outlined that the average number of times people have sex is 103 times per year, 1.98 times per week and 0.28 times per day! Incorporating sex into your life does have its benefits, including stress relief and increased energy, but there is no right or wrong quota you need to hit – we’re not all bunny rabbits!

According to a survey by Saga, 65 per cent of over 50s are sexually active, with 46 per cent claiming to have sex once a week. 85 per cent feel that sex at a more mature age is less pressurised than when they were teens or young adults, suggesting that sex can get better with age (like many things in life). This could be down to improved self-confidence and security of a long-term relationship, or perhaps because many postmenopausal women have quicker arousal due to reduced fear of pregnancy. So love-making doesn’t have to have an expiry date. Remember, you are only as old as you feel!

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