Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gretchen Barretto wardrobe malfunction

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This time it is Gretchen Barretto’s turn to be involved in a wardrobe malfunction where her breast was exposed when her gown was pulled down by the wheel of a motorbike during the taping of her upcoming teleserye “Magkaribal”.  The Gretchen Barretto breast scandal happened in a scene with her newest on-screen partner Derek Ramsay.

During the taping, Gretchen’s red gown was caught in a wheel of a moving bike, that pulled down her gown. Derek was driving the motorbike.

“We are on a motorbike. Gretchen is looking beautiful at the back of the bike with her long gown and we are trying to get this effect na we will fly by the camera with dress,” Derek said.

“Nakayakap ako sa inyo. Maya maya nakaganoon na ako (leaning backward). Akala ko may humihila. ‘Yon pala yong tire inipit ‘yong gown tapos sumigaw ako. In other words, nahubaran ako,” Gretchen said.

Gretchen said that she’s just thankful that she and Derek were not hurt in the incident. What makes her sad, though, was her expensive red gown, which according to reports, is worth P80,000.



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