Friday, April 23, 2010

Pamintuan branded as 'trying hard'

Mayor Francis "Blueboy" Nepomuceno branded comebacking mayor Edgardo "EdPam" Pamintuan as "trying hard" following latter's challenge for a public debate.

“He is now desperate and he is aiming for a lucky punch. But I will not give that chance. Noong 1998, ibinigay ko pa lamang ang kaliwa ko pero natalo siya. Ngayon dahil ‘trying hard’ siya, ibibigay ko na ang kanang kamay ko,” said Nepomuceno.

“With all the issues concocted in a poison letter crafted by one of my rivals, there is no need to debate,” he added.

The mayor said: “Elections is not won by who is the best debater. In Angeles City, the mayoralty is won by solid performance, which includes visible projects and programs for community development.”

“He can salivate all he wants in his vaunted eloquence but that will not erase his bleak performance in his two terms. I am building a sports center and he has not even constructed a waiting shed in his six-year administration,” added Nepomuceno.

He furthered: “This debate thing, like debate challenges hurled against presidential frontrunners Manny Villar and Noynoy Aquino by the lesser rivals is a clear attempt at a lucky punch.”

Published in the Sun.Star Pampanga newspaper on April 22, 2010.

Monday, April 5, 2010

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