Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Janelle Manahan earlier admitted that the first video showing her and Ramgen Revilla in the bathroom was not the only intiumate video the couple made. As such, she appealed to the public not to watch and spread the video and any other clips that are expected to be posted online by (allegedly) the Bautista siblings. Janelle has accused Ram Revilla’s siblings and even his mother, Genelyn Magsaysay, of leaking the video online to get back at her for accusing them of their involvement in the Ram Revilla killing. Earlier, Genelyn admitted that they have Ramgen’s laptop in their possession. However, she denied they had anything to do with the leaked videos because they do not know the laptop’s password.

According to the different sources from the internet the second video of Janelle Manahan and Ram Revilla’s intimate moment video have been uploaded already.

The video lasted for more than 4 minutes according to sources that have already seen the video. The intimated moment video part 2 even exposed more of Janelle Manahan.

It was earlier reported that Janelle Manahan had admitted that they have recorded an intimate moments video during the first year of a relationship which lasted for 5 years before the murder of the boyfriend Ram Revilla.

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