Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Australia vs Philippines

Nine Philippine players were also ejected after the nasty confrontation but, in farcical scenes, the match continued with just three Philippine players still eligible to be on the court.

They then deliberately fouled the Australians so they could gradually be disqualified from the game and bring an early end to the drama that ended with an 89-53 win to the Boomers with 1min 57sec left in the third quarter.

A long delay followed as officials from FIBA and both countries engaged in a discussion, leaving the score in Australia’s favour at 79-48.

A local official appealed to the crowd to remain calm and show the Boomers respect.
Some of the most sickening scenes saw players being punched and kicked while they were lying helpless on the floor, while one Australian had a chair thrown at his head by someone who wasn’t even a player.

Reyes was apologetic about the situation getting out of hand but alleged Kickert hit several Filipino stars during the warm-up, which contributed to the flare-up that saw Kickert floor Roger Ray Pogoy after he fouled Boomers guard Chris Goulding.

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